Marie Kondo Your Website

Marie Kondo, the Japanese decluttering guru that has created such hype around the art of decluttering off the back of her newly-released Netflix show ‘Tidying up with Marie Kondo’.

Decluttering has now become some kind of movement, so why not jump on board and apply this in a slightly different way?

Marie has a simple method called the KonMari Method which encourages tidying by category, not location. Her method obviously applies to the home, so let’s change it up a little and apply this method to your digital asset.

Marie works around a simple yet effective approach ‘Keep only those things that speak to the heart, and discard items that no longer spark joy’

So, let’s give this a crack, starting with categories.

Content is what speaks to your consumer and guides them to a sale. There is no real rule as to how little or how much content you should have, but the balance should be between having enough content for your consumer to make an educated decision on your product or service, whilst still satisfying the search engines to be ranked on common keywords and phrases related to your business. Make sure your content is sculpted in a way that users don’t have to sift through essays to find information that could be concluded in a paragraph. What I suggest you do is go through your site and strip back any unnecessary content and re-look at any content that could be trimmed down and written in a more effective way.

There’s no doubt that striking graphics and strong imagery can really pull a website together, however on the flip-side of this it can also clutter the site and put a damper on the content if not placed correctly. The key to imagery and graphics on your site is to make sure they are used to break up or compliment content with relevant imagery. The general rule of thumb here is Do. Not. Cram! Cramming can take your website from trendy to tacky real quick. When going through your website, only keep images that really make an impact and represent your product or service well, or even better update these images to keep your site looking fresh and current. Or if you’re that person that insists on having a strong imagery presence, create a gallery with categories to keep things neat, it’s a win-win for everyone!

When a user enters your site, they go one of two ways, they either know exactly what they are looking for or they are wanting to browse, gather information, and gauge what is on offer. Regardless of the approach, your website needs to cater to both. User experience should be of utmost importance when designing or re-designing your site. The reason being is because this is how the user is guided through your site. This is done through copy, design, and layout. If information is not easily accessible or easy to find, chances are your potential customers will bounce. Get rid of any unnecessary pages or content blocks, make sure your sitemap makes sense, and only keep what is worthwhile.

You are now ready to Marie Kondo your website! Give it a crack for yourself, or if you seem to be showing traits of being a website hoarder, get in touch so we can help you through the process.

Happy digital decluttering!