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There's more to social media than posting a pretty photo. We drive social success through organic and paid strategies.

Social Strategy

Success begins with a strategy. No two brands are the same, so why should their strategy be? Differentiate yourself in the market and succeed on social with a custom strategy written with your business goals in mind.

‍Think of your strategy as a blueprint for social success. The social media landscape is always evolving and this can be tricky to navigate for many- because of this our strategies are not written for longevity, but for immediate success.

What you need to know about our strategy service:

We are big believers of actionable strategies, meaning less fluff and more actionable items and plans.

Understanding your business goals and social media marketing objectives is top on our list, once we understand this the rest of the strategy falls in place.

Most of our strategies are written for three month blocks, six months at most. Why? Because social media moves at such a fast pace, a strategy now vs 10 months from now will not be relevant. This means that YES our clients receive a new strategy every quarter.

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Social Management

Social media is not a static space. As an often underestimated time sucker, staying on top of your social media management is not always a priority. But it is to us! Let us take the reins so you can do what you do best.

Often the business owners or individuals we work with wear many hats, and 9 times out of 10 the social media hat is low on the priority list, and we dont blame them- pressing HR matters comes before a social post. With this aside, our clients understand the importance of an active social profile therefore our social management service is a popular one.

What you need to know about our social management service:

All of our management packages are completely tailored to your needs, we understand these needs through a discovery session and curate an ongoing solution for you.

Social media management involves a lot of moving parts, from posting and profile maintenance, through to paid strategies, giveaways and beyond. Us Fizzers are very flexible and can cater to complete management, part management or ad hoc management.

We are big believers in proactive over reactive marketing, we have perfected our process to ensure our social management service caters to this belief.

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Content Creation

We create content that converts. Whether that be through photographs, video, graphics, or words, it’s all about keeping your audience engaged and informed. Social success relieson the delivery of consistent and quality content.

Content and consistency is the name of the game in the social space, so when you pair the two together consistent content becomes a craft. We love working with experts in their fields, who are often landmines of wisdom- they just don't know how to convert that wisdom into content form. Great content has the power to turn your brand into a household name and your followers into fans.

What you need to know about our content creation service:

We have a collection of content wizards in our back pockets (office) that are top tier at their craft. This means we have photography and videography services easily available to you from high level production to casual candid shoots.

Content is never created ‘just cause’, every piece of content has an objective behind it.

We understand the need for anchor and ad hoc content, meaning all of our clients have months worth of anchor content scheduled in at all times and allocated capacity for ad hoc requirements such as market updates or urgent business announcements.

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Social Ads

Paid ads are an essential in your social toolbox. Our campaign planning combines fresh approaches and strategic analysis to develop campaigns that deliver. Let the data do the talking and let us show you the power of a campaign that converts.

It's time to enhance your social performance by exploring the data goldmine that is social ads. In a saturated landscape, it's important that we don't rely on organic-only strategies to get us the results we are wanting. Social ads have the power to appeal to the masses or get granular with who you are truly trying to speak to, meaning whether you have a common household product or a niche service offering social ads can work for you.

What you need to know about our social activation service:

We use your budget as if it was our own! Being on the smaller side ourselves, we know marketing can be a big investment which means that we only spend your budget where we see fit and our campaigns are always being optimised to work within that budget.

We report ad performance to our clients on a regular basis, this means communicating what we are seeing on our end to ensure that is being translated on their end.

Social ads are a very powerful tool, the targeting ability is more comprehensive than any other form of advertising and the ability to test and measure with creatives and audiences is top tier.

We offer an ad hoc ads service, meaning if you aren't an ongoing client of ours we can still work with you to manage your social ads.

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Social Activations

Social activations allow us to take your strategy a step further by planning and executing a social responsibility campaign that aligns with your values and niche. Values are an important part of our day to day, so this is a way we can bring your values to life using social media.

Here at Soda, we believe social responsibility should play a key role in your social strategy. This means working with our clients to understand their values, so we can create a social activation strategy that aligns to them. Social media is a very influential place that can drive positive change, so it is important that we as business owners use this platform to influence social responsibility.

What you need to know about our social activation service:

Social activations can span from small donation drives through to big scale nationwide charity involvement. You don't need to be a large corporate to get involved.

We are big on values here at Soda, which is why we take time during our onboarding process to really understand our clients values. You can learn more about our values by watching our values video here.

Whilst social activations aren't a lead generating exercise, they play an important role in your business and on social media to drive positive change and action.

We offer an ad hoc activation service, meaning if you aren't an ongoing client of ours we can still work with you to execute an activation strategy or one off activations.

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Social Consultancy

Knowledge is power, power that we love to pass on. Have us in your back pocket for advice, feedback or input on all things social.

Capability training is an element of our service that fills up our soda cup! We find real joy in sharing our expertise and strategies for other businesses to adopt and make their own. Social is a platform that is adopted by the greater population, but when using the platform to market it's often a different story. With a lot of moving parts, a multitude of techniques and strategies between paid and organic activity plus a range of objectives to be achieved there is a lot this service can provide you if you are looking for more of a do it with you, over a do it for you service.  

What you need to know about our social consultancy service:

Although we have a general roadmap of our capability coaching service, for the most part this service is customised to your needs.

During this service you have access to all the Fizzers who are all experts in their own domain, from strategy through to creative and brand consistency - we’ve got you covered.

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