Connection and conversation is the new conversion.

We work with our clients to build social media strategies that establish new connections with your brand, strengthens connections with your existing customers
and opens up conversation through carefully curated content.

We believe social success goes beyond your follower count or who has the best looking avo on toast that morning.
Social media is about building authentic engagement and valuable touchpoints.

Our Values

Here at Soda our values are the key pillars of our practice. To us, exemplifying our values everyday is a priority, they are the competencies that underpin who we are and what we do. We believe values such as transparency, results and service are non-negotiable. Because of this our values go a little deeper...

Mental Health

We value worker wellbeing and supporting each other to promote positive mental health in our workplace, with inclusion being a driving factor
behind our process.

Maori Heritage

We value respecting, understanding and acknowledging Maori heritage in New Zealand and promoting inclusivity in our workplace.


We value inclusivity of all groups in our workplace and we promote equality of all including Rainbow communities and those with disabilities
throughout the community.

What We're Good At

There's more to social media than posting a pretty photo. We drive social success through organic and paid strategies.

Social Strategy

Success begins with a strategy. No two brands are the same, so why should their strategy be? Differentiate yourself in the market and succeed on social with a custom strategy written with your business goals in mind.

Social Management

Social media is not a static space. As an often underestimated time sucker, staying on top of your social media management is not always a priority. But it is to us! Let us take the reins so you can do what you do best.

Content Creation

We create content that converts. Whether that be through photographs, video, graphics, or words, it’s all about keeping your audience engaged and informed. Social success relieson the delivery of consistent and quality content.

Social Ads

Paid ads are an essential in your social toolbox. Our campaign planning combines fresh approaches and strategic analysis to develop campaigns that deliver. Let the data do the talking and let us show you the power of a campaign that converts.

Social Activations

Social activations allow us to take your strategy a step further by planning and executing a social responsibility campaign that aligns with your values and niche. Values are an important part of our day to day, so this is a way we can bring your values to life using social media.

Social Consultancy

Knowledge is power, power that we love to pass on. Have us in your back pocket for advice, feedback or input on all things social.

What They Say About Us

Outstanding Work

Liv has done outstanding work with our social media campaign, the amount of content Liv manages to get out is incredible which has generated a huge ordinance for us. This has given us a massively increased leads base which we can work for potential new work and future customers. Without Liv at the helm of our social campaigns we would still be stuck in the
dark ages of social.


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Breath Of Fresh Air

Olivia and her team have been a real breath of fresh air for myself and business partner, in terms of social media. Especially as we come from the old school ways of marketing and promotional activity where traditional methods have been engaged. As complete novices to the social media world and the myriad of platforms it has to offer, Olivia and her team have guided us through this process, albeit in a slow and patient way.

Rob and Jeremy

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Building Our Brand

Over a year on and we're slowly building our brand via social media and we're seeing good gains as we progress our journey and our education about the impact these online tools can have to brand awareness. Historically we haven't been the best at telling our story and growth. With the help of Olivia and her team I'm sure we'll be able to make more Kiwis aware of the works we do. We look forward to this journey with Olivia and her team.

Rob and Jeremy

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Get Fizzy

Liv communicates her ideas well for clients like me who are not technical! Demystifying social media! Soda Digital works within our goals and budget, and has helped us get to results that have exceeded our expectations. Liv is also a clever, creative and positive person with so much energy. I love having her as part of our team.  I’d really encourage you to “get fizzy” with Soda Digital, no matter what your business Liv will help you to meet and exceed your goals.


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Easy To Implement Strategies

Olivia and Maxine have been absolutely amazing and we are so grateful to the entire Soda Digital team for their support and advice. We were really keen to find better ways to use our social media platforms to connect with our young people, their families, our supporters and donors. Liv and Max have helped us achieve this goal with effective and easy-to-implement strategies and ideas. They were instrumental in re-working the look and feel of our Instagram account and are now providing great support to help us with a targeted approach for our LinkedIn page. In every meeting we have had with them they always provide fresh, new and exciting ideas that we know work really well. We are super thankful and grateful!

Kiri and Sally